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JET-A-PET Worldwide Pet Relocation was founded and established by Mel Goldman who, together with his wife Sandy Goldman have owned and operated their boarding, grooming and training facility, Town House for Dogs and Cats in Westport, CT since 1970. Mel has been an active member of the Professional Handlers Association, PHA since 1967. He became involved in shipping his show dogs for his clients located around the globe.


Our Team


Mel Goldman

Founder of JET-A-PET, Mel has been breeding, training, and showing dogs since 1967. He is an active member of the Professional Handlers Association (PHA) and continues to show dogs. He recently finished Bull Mastiff "Bully Boy's Rumbling Thunder" at the Bull Mastiff Specialty Show in Springfield, MA.


Carrie Owen

daughter of founders Mel & Sandy, grew up traveling to dog shows and handling dogs since she was five. After graduating from the University of Denver business school, Carrie has managed Town House for Dogs & Cats. Currently she is part of the Jet-A-Pet team and is our Caribbean Island and Hawaii specialist.


Lisa Strode - Schmidt

is the Operations Manager at our corporate office in CT. A long time member of the Jet-A-Pet team, Lisa came to join us in 2005, after working at a no-kill shelter for homeless animals. Lisa is our Australia & New Zealand Specialist. She has vast knowledge of the lengthy process to get your furry friends into these rabies-free countries.


Marcie Goldman

daughter of the founders of JET-A-PET, is our agent in Portland, Maine. Marcie has been around dog shows and kennels most of her life. Marcie is a graduate of the University of Colorado and when she's not "Getting Her Mojo On", she's helping Jet-A-Pet get pets in/out of or making a connection in Maine.


Leigh Smith

joined the JET-A-PET team in 2006 after working for fifteen years as a Vet Technician at the Veterinary Center in New York City. Leigh is our Asia specialist, residing in Cleveland, Ohio. She has extensive experience shipping to China, Japan, Bahrain, and Dubai, to name just a few of the Asian countries.


Cheyenne Pereira

is the newest addition to the Jet-A-Pet team. She joined us in October 2015, and is our Central, South America & UK specialist. An avid animal lover, she has worked in the pet sitting/dog walking industry for the past 10 years which includes working with many exotic animals. She is a premier K9 Handler.

100% Safety Record

We take every detail of your pets move into consideration to ensure a safe arrival. Your pets' safety is our number one concern.

Customized Service

Here at Jet-A-Pet we will do as much or as little as you need. We custom tailor each client's services to meet their exact needs.

Our Worldwide Network

We are united with a worldwide network of Pet Transportation Experts who will assist with your pet's move.

Our Knowledge

The rules and regulations associated with importing pets into another country can be complicated and they change often. Here at Jet-A-Pet we keep ourselves up-to-date and have a comprehensive knowledge of all country requirements.




Dear Mel,
Thank you for the professional services provided by you and your staff in transporting my two cats, Sassafras and Chloe, from New York to Melbourne, Australia. In addition, I found Jet-A-Pet to be competitive in prices compared to other pet transporters.
I would highly recommend Jet-A-Pet to anyone looking for an international pet transporter.
Thank you.



Dear Lisa & GLEN,

I just wanted to let you know that Noori and Fluffy arrived perfectly fine in Sydney last night our time and all are checked in to quarantine, waiting for Suzanne's first visit on Monday.

Thanks for all your help - you both did a great job and everything went completely seamless.


Baltimore, MD to Perth, Australia

Dear Mel,

This letter is in regards to the terrific job you did in transporting our dog "Lucy" from Baltimore, Maryland to Perth, Australia in June.
From the unending paperwork to all the health inoculations needed, everything went smoothly, thanks to your expertise. We have no doubt that Lucy received the best of care during her long twenty-five hour trip.
All the communications along the way to confirm Lucy's status were timely and occurred just as you confirmed they would. You should know that the Quarantine Personnel and facilities in Perth were excellent. The people were very caring and thoughtful.
All of this happened because of you, and for that we are forever grateful.
Lucy is doing extremely well in Western Australia, enjoying the Indian Ocean, all the Parks and Swan River walks.
We will be calling you again in approximately three to four years for Lucy's return trip to the United States.
Thanks again for your help in delivering our dog to us, safe, sound and unscathed.
Judy Card

New York, NY to Vienna, Austria

This company was amazing. After having some problems with a airline trying to get our dogs to travel with us, I had called an airline that had the only direct flight from JFK to Vienna, they told me to call Jet-A-Pet because they are the pet shipping company that the airline dealt with. With a little over 2 weeks before we were leaving I called the company and they started to help. They got the flight booked onto the separate airline, sent me an itinerary as to who I going to meet us at JfK (who was great, she sent me pictures of the dog before he got on the plane and assured me that if the carrier didn't take the dog due to cold weather she would get him and take care of him till he could fly). And when we had a delay to our flight and it looked like we would have been late, I emailed Leigh ( she is great answered all my questions no matter how many times I asked the same one) and she sent me contact information to the people who she would normally contact in Vienna to see about looking after the dog if we were to late. Overall very happy with the little amount of time that was given to get our dog overseas, if we ever had an issue I would call them first. Definitely use them again.

​Amanda D.

Los Angles, CA to Naples, Italy

My wife and I had to move to Italy in a hurry, my wife decided to take one of our dogs with her, she used another company, things did not go so well. Since we had started working with Jet-A-Pet to ship my large dog, Lisa Strode, bent over backwards to get my first dog out of customs in Germany, but made sure my dog made it safely to his destination without a hitch. When I have to move my dogs again, I will definitely use Jet-A-Pet.
Kevin S.

California to Sicily, Italy

In mid-June 2012, I contacted Jet-A-Pet about moving my 3 pets from California to Sicily (Italy) at the end of September. My husband and I wanted to move closer to my family. I worked with Leigh Kovarik from start to finish. I received my quote and it was the lowest of the 3 agencies I'd contacted. I checked their references online and talked to a friend who used their services to ship their dog from California to Australia. I was a nervous "fur-mom" and I asked Leigh over two dozen questions before signing with them. Leigh was amazing at following up with answers and adding additional information that I had not thought of. I received my final itinerary and WOW! It was detailed, complete and exact. Leigh worked directly with my vet. All I had to do was make the vet appointment. I bought my crates through Jet-a-Pet and the prices were fair plus I had the comfort that the crates were airline approved. Forward to the departure date and my animals were picked up on time and driven in style to the airport. My husband and I were delayed so my father took possession of the animals. The entire time my pets were en route, I was kept informed via email and my father was informed via phone. My pets arrived healthy and safe after a 48-hour journey to our Sicily home. At every stop, they were walked (dog), given access to fresh kitty litter (cats), fed, and given fresh water. Once we arrived, they were all very happy to see us and adjusted to the new house much quicker than I'd anticipated. It was obvious that the trip did not leave cause any permanent damage to their psyches. All in all, it was a completely positive experience. Everyone involved with the Jet-A-Pet organization was courteous, knowledgeable and an animal lover. I recommend Jet-A-Pet to anyone thinking of moving/traveling with their pets.

Leonarda G.

New York, NY to Frankfurt, Germany

Lisa and all of the Jet-a-Pet employees made the transport of our little dog, Penny, very simple! Not only that, we received multiple updates on the whereabouts of Penny during her whole trip!! Their caring, helpfulness, and knowledge of the procedure made the
whole process easy and less stressful for all! We can't thank you enough!!
Amanda H.

Westport, CT to London, UK

We had a great experience flying our pet to London from NYC. With less than 10 days, Lisa and her team helped to guide my Father through the process. In particular the EU/USDA forms, in fact the vet faxed Jet-a-pet, they reviewed the forms before they fedexed them out - which was a nice touch in that Lisa fact-checked the forms. We dropped our cross beagle in Westport 24hrs before the flight. It was a nice facility with plenty of space. The only wrinkle was on the day of the flight - massive traffic hindered the BA check in, so Jet-a-pet quickly got Gumbo rebooked on a flight the same day with United. We were so grateful! Would recommend them completely!
​Sarah H.

Africa to Arizona

Hello, my names Louie and I received a mastiff from Africa with no issues due to Jet-A-Pet relocating her to me in Arizona. I've had multiple setbacks trying to bring her here prior to involving Jet-A-Pet due to the heat embargo with the airlines.
Jet-A-Pet is very well organized and their customer relations is outstanding! From the moment I spoke to Lisa to the arrival of the puppy, Lisa was there for me every step of the way. Any concerns I had was addressed immediately as if I was their only customer or a family friend.
Their vast knowledge on foreign and domestic transporting and care for the animal made it so easy to transport her from South Africa to Arizona in the U.S. I would have never known of all the paperwork needed to be done in order to get her here, Lisa took care of everything to ensure a smooth ride.
I could never have done it without you Jet-A-Pet, Thank you so much Lisa. I highly recommend anybody needing assistance to involve Jet-A-Pet to get your loved animal safe in your hands!!

Thank you so very much, Louie Perez

Los Angles to Honolulu, HI

My husband received orders to Hawaii. Once his co-workers found out we had an English Bulldog they told us we had to get rid of him (we lived in AL) because no one would fly him, even with our plans to drive to LA and then fly. They said they had to get rid of their snub nosed dog and that we were going to have to too. Well I was heartbroken. I researched all over the internet and checked with several other companies who said the same thing, they couldn't fly him in the plane because he was too big and he couldn't ride in the cargo because of his breed. I eventually came across Jet-A-Pet and talked with Carrie Owen. She assured me that they could get him to Hawaii as long as we were able to get him to LA (this is the end of June so the weather is getting hot). She supplied us with a pet carrier (even drilling the holes in the bottom, since they spend most their time sleeping). She found out he was 6 days short of the quarantine and helped set up boarding for him near LAX. She worked with me every step of the way. She was professional and answered all my questions. Needless to say we were simply overjoyed when we arrived at the airport and the quarantine officials carried him out, happy and healthy! They took care of the all the paperwork and arrangements! It was flawless. Thank you!!!
​Sherry Ingram

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